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A mobile focused full stack software engineer, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am passionate about consumer applications that bring excitement to our every day lives. Some specific areas of interest include music, global visual media, augmented reality, social events, and virtual reality. My recent projects have been largely focused on native mobile applications, built with React Native, in the realm of location based media production and consumption.



iOS app to request videos and live broadcasts at specific locations around the world

  • Built an interface for interactive live mobile broadcasts with webRTC and websockets in a native iOS application
  • Implemented real-time path tracking in Mapbox to give locational context to user generated media
  • Constructed a minimalistic card based video feed using material design for media discovery and exploration
  • Architected a React Native application using Redux providing consistent dataflow and state management

Event aggregator that provides demographics for popular music events around the city

  • Scripted cron jobs to aggregate and analyze Facebook event data to surface attendee demographics
  • Created a modern UI with Angular and Material Design to provide an intuitive and responsive experience


Online hangout with collaborative drawing, audio playlists, and video chat

  • Created a SoundCloud jukebox with webRTC data channels to produce a synchronous shared listening experience
  • Implemented a real-time explorer using and Angular allowing users to discover and join active rooms


A message encryption service that conceal messages in images

  • Constructed a RESTful Node web service to encrypt and decrypt messages using steganography algorithms
  • Maintained team development and deployment environments with Docker and Digital Ocean

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